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Expert Property & Home Inspection Services

In the real estate market, knowing the details of a property’s condition is key to making wise purchasing decisions. ProTech Home & Property Inspections, Inc. specializes in both home inspection and commercial building inspection services, as well as a variety of specialty inspection services. These assessments, performed by knowledgeable, professional home inspectors from our staff, will give you the confidence to either sign on the dotted line or to pursue a property that better suits you.

Whether you’re hunting for a home or for a commercial space, our experienced, professional home inspectors are here to help. In fact, we’ve conducted over 7,500 property inspections in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Lawrenceville, and the surrounding Georgia areas since opening in 2005. Contact us at (470) 264-5860 to receive an estimate, or schedule an inspection online now.

Comprehensive Home Inspections

Since buying a house is one of the largest financial investments you’ll make, we’re here to ensure that the home you’re interested in is a safe, healthy place to live. When completing a home inspection, we look at thousands of items, appliances, structures, and systems from the foundation to the top of the roof. Then we provide a professional, unbiased report of the home’s condition. Better yet, at most inspections, we deliver our reports on-site the same day of your inspection.

Every client who schedules a home inspection will also receive the following benefits for free:

  • Free Porch membership ($350 value): Think of it as your personal assistant for your home and move-in questions.
  • Porch 90-Day Guarantee: Assists inspectors and their clients in the process of correcting deficiencies that are discovered after the original inspection is performed.
  • Lifetime Home Recall Alerts reports ($89 value): We’ll check all of your major home appliances to ensure they haven’t been recalled. If they have, we’ll inform you of how to get a free repair or replacement from the manufacturer.
  • 200% Guarantee: If you aren’t satisfied with our services, we’ll refund your money and pay for a different inspection company to do another assessment.*

At ProTech our goal is to “Provide Peace of Mind One Home at a Time!” We look forward to serving you with a quality home inspection to protect your investment.

Commercial Property & Building Inspections

Before buying or leasing a new business space, exercise due diligence by scheduling a commercial building inspection. As trained inspectors, we’re qualified to assess almost any commercial property. We’ve inspected warehouses, retail spaces, offices, condominiums, and several other buildings. Our inspectors will evaluate the plumbing, electrical systems, structural systems, and thousands of other components. Then we’ll provide a fast turnaround for report delivery, informing you of any red flags, upcoming expenses, or current damage.

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Don’t invest in a commercial property if you don’t know all the details. We’re dedicated to providing you with the information required to prime your business for success. Contact us today at (470) 264-5860 to schedule an appointment.

Specialty Inspections

While our home and property inspections offer a detailed view of a residence or business, our specialty inspections go even deeper. These evaluations go beyond the scope of a regular inspection, delving into a specific system or area of concern. Below are our specialty inspections:

Why Choose Us?

At ProTech we take pride in the quality of our work. Our home inspectors are certified, fully insured, and members of the American Society of Home Inspectors® (ASHI). Our company standards actually exceed ASHI’s Standards of Practice. Moreover, our commercial inspectors have completed Carson Dunlop training for industrial inspections. We don’t let our inspectors do an evaluation until they’ve completed months of training.

Unfortunately, many home inspection companies do not uphold our high standards. A lack of training on their part can mean major problems are overlooked during an inspection, potentially costing a homeowner thousands of dollars. On the other hand, ProTech saves clients an average of $7,500 per inspection because of our expertise and experience.

At ProTech, we want to be your property consultants for life. Learn more about us and what sets us apart. Our experienced inspectors, professional reports, and helpful resources make us the inspection company of choice for many Atlanta area real estate agents and homebuyers. However, don’t take our word for it. Read our reviews and hear from our clients.

A future home or business is an important investment, so choose ProTech for our high-quality commercial and home inspections. Our findings will give you the confidence to make an informed decision. Contact us at (470) 264-5860 to make an appointment today in Athens, Duluth, Suwanee, Atlanta or any of the surrounding areas in northern Georgia. We look forward to serving you.

*Please refer to our frequently asked questions to learn more about the terms of these benefits.