3 Common Issues Found During a Home Inspection

Buying a new home is both stressful and exciting. You’re about to embark on the next chapter of your life with your family, but you want to make sure the investment you’re about to make is a sound one. One way to minimize real-estate anxiety is by scheduling a home inspection with the expert team at ProTech Home and Property Inspections, Inc. We’ve been serving the Atlanta, Georgia area with quality home inspections since 2005, and today we’re sharing the three most common issues we find during a home inspection.

Common Issues Found During a Home Inspection

1. Electrical Problems

One of the most common causes of house fires is faulty electrical wiring, and unfortunately, we see it all too often. Faulty wiring is often found in older homes as they often lack adequate power supply for today’s higher demand. This results in extension cords being used incorrectly in order to get enough power to each room. Another electrical problem we often encounter is exposed wire or open, spliced wire where the wire is conjoined by electrical tape. The average homeowner might not see these issues, therefore a thorough inspection is needed to ensure electrical safety.

2. Roof Problems

Generally speaking, a new house tour does not include a trip up to the roof. So, without an inspection, you have no way of knowing if your new roof has potentially expensive repair needs. A professional home inspector will check for water damage, mold, single deterioration, and clogged gutters to make sure that your new roof is going to do its job well.

3. HVAC Problems

Finally, as home inspectors, we often find problems with the HVAC system that a potential home buyer would miss. You’re not likely to get a sense of the efficiency and reliability of the HVAC system during an open house, so it’s important to have a home inspector determine that. If the system is older, it may be dirty and inefficient which can lead to high energy bills. If the system is deemed unlikely to last, the replacement costs should be factored into the purchase price from the sellers.

Don’t risk these issues going unnoticed in your new home. Contact Phil and the team at ProTech Home and Property Inspections today at (470) 592-8828 for a free estimate, or schedule an inspection online.

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