3 Reasons to Get a Pre-Listing Inspection

Whether you’re relocating or need more space in a new place, you’ve decided to sell your Atlanta home. You may have been there for 20 years or just a handful, but either way, you know that the house has aged as all properties do even with good maintenance. Before you list your home in the Atlanta real-estate market, let our team here at ProTech Home & Property Inspections, Inc. give you three reasons to consider a pre-listing inspection.

Sell Your Atlanta Home

1. Get ahead of buyers.

Most buyers who are under contract on a property opt to get a home inspection—and they should. However, when it comes time for the inspection, the sellers are often the ones holding their breaths, just hoping no major damages or repairs pop up on the inspection report. You can avoid this stress by knowing the condition of your home ahead of time. You can even do the repairs before you list so that they won’t become an issue with buyers later on.

2. Accurately price your home to sell.

You want your home to sell quickly and at a good price. In order for that to happen, one of the things that you need to get right is setting the price of your property. By getting a pre-listing inspection, you can factor in the full condition of your home. You may decide to make a few upgrades to see more return, or you may decide to lower your price to account for the remodeling needs. Either way, you can accurately and knowledgeably set your price to sell.

3. Stand out from the crowd.

When the Atlanta real-estate market is saturated with homes for sale, you don’t want your house to get overlooked. A pre-listing inspection makes your deal even sweeter because it helps take out some of the guesswork for buyers. They may still opt for a home inspection from their own guy, but they will appreciate the detailed information up front about the condition of the home and any recent repairs or updates you made.

To schedule your pre-listing inspection, contact ProTech Home & Property Inspections at (770) 277-5655, or schedule an inspection online. Phil and the entire ProTech team would be glad to answer all your questions and get you one step closer to selling your home.

ProTech Home & Property Inspections offers residential and commercial inspections in the Atlanta, GA, area, including Alpharetta, Athens, Gainesville, and Duluth. We’re your local home inspection solution that has a track record of quality inspections, excellent customer service, and reliability. Just see what our satisfied customers are saying, and call us today.


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