3 Reasons Sellers Should Have a Home Inspection

Home Inspection GeorgiaWith so many properties on the market in Georgia, home inspection services are essential to anyone looking to buy a home. Professional home inspectors let buyers know potential problems with the house before making a formal commitment to ownership. However, home inspections are not exclusive to buyers. If you’re deciding to sell your house, ProTech Home & Property Inspections, Inc. recommends that you have the property inspected before it even goes on the market.

Zillow.com, a home and real estate marketplace, published a blog post that highlights the 3 reasons for a pre-inspection:

  1. Appeals to buyers. When you invest in a pre-inspection, you’ll show buyers that you’re willing to go above and beyond other sellers. By being upfront about the property’s condition, you’ll demonstrate willingness to cooperate, and buyers will be more confident about making a purchase.
  2. Saves you money. After having the home inspection performed, potential buyers may create a list of repairs they want completed, or they may even decide to walk away from the deal completely. A pre-inspection gives you the time to uncover any problems before you list the house. You’ll also have peace of mind and avoid any unwelcome surprises when your house is on the market.
  3. Highlights good qualities. Pre-inspections not only let buyers know the faults of your Georgia property; they also can showcase your home’s selling points. Buyers will be aware of the quality of any recent upgrades and renovations made to the property.

If you’re about to put your house in Georgia on the market, a home inspection is one of the best precautions you can take to ensure you’re informed about the property’s condition. Contact us at 770-277-5655 to talk to one of our expert home inspectors today.

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Phil is the founder of ProTech Home & Property Inspections, Inc. and has shifted from doing 500 plus yearly inspections to implementing systems designed to consistently improve the quality service that has made ProTech one of the top building inspection companies in metro Atlanta. Phil’s connection to the building and real estate industries dates back to his early involvement with his family’s real estate and development company in New England.

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