4 Tips for Hiring a Home Inspector

Home Inspection TipsWhether you’re a new homebuyer or a seasoned house-buying expert, you always want to protect yourself and your investment with a quality home inspection. However, finding a reliable inspector is often more challenging than you might like. While we’d love to say “just come to us,” we know you need to do your due diligence. Therefore our team at ProTech Home & Property Inspections, Inc. have put together this list of hiring tips.

1. Don’t feel rushed.

Your realtor may have a go-to home inspector, but know that you can choose anyone you want. Don’t feel hurried or pressured into hiring anyone. While you want to keep the home-buying process moving, you also want to feel confident with who you’re hiring to inspect the home.

2. Pay attention to what people are saying.

Firsthand knowledge from friends is invaluable when it comes to hiring a home inspector. If several people can vouch for him or her, you can feel more confident in that inspector’s abilities and professionalism. In addition to referrals from friends, be sure also to check out customer reviews or service review websites.

3. Check out a sample report.

Want to find out just how thorough a home inspection company is? Ask for a copy of a sample inspection report. Check out what the report includes, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

4. Double-check their credentials.

Hop on the inspection company’s website, and read through their list of credentials. You may also want to find out whether their inspection is under warranty and for how long. These guarantees speak to the company’s level of confidence in their inspectors’ abilities.

These four tips should help you feel confident hiring an inspector and moving forward with your home purchase.

As you look at home inspection companies in the Atlanta, GA, area, be sure to keep ProTech on your list of possibilities. Phil, Joyce, and our entire ProTech team are ready to help you answer any questions you might have and to schedule your residential inspection. To get started, contact us at (770) 277-5655.


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