5 Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector

Are you a first-time homebuyer? Are you new to the Atlanta, GA area? Be sure to ask any potential inspector each of these important questions so you can move forward with hiring an inspector and with making your real estate decisions with confidence. Don’t stay silent! Ask your questions, and get your answers.

1. What do you cover during your home inspection?

Be sure to ask the inspector what features of the home will be inspected and his methods for inspecting them. You want to verify that he is complying with Georgia state inspection requirements and make sure you’re happy with what the home inspection covers. If the inspection doesn’t include a service you want, such as a mold inspection, you will want to inquire about specialty inspection services and their rates.

2. How long will the inspection take?

Many people try to fit in the home inspection over their lunch hour, but a thorough home inspector may take much longer to go through the home and walk you through his findings. Therefore, you want to find out how long a typical home inspection lasts so you can plan accordingly.

3. What are some common issues in this area?

Certain neighborhoods or Georgia cities are known for having common concerns, such as the presence of mold or past flooding. It’s good to ask your home inspector about these types of concerns and whether additional inspection services are necessary to detect them.

4. What type of inspection report do you provide? How soon do I receive it?

Some inspection companies provide on-the-spot residential inspection reports and will go over every detail with you. Others will email you the finished product within 24 hours. Depending on your home-buying needs and timeline, make sure you will receive the report in plenty of time.

5. Will I be able to attend the inspection?

Your presence at the home inspection is crucial. You want to make sure that the inspector is thorough and that you can ask your questions. Be leery of any home inspector who doesn’t want you on site during the inspection.

If you’re purchasing a home in or around Atlanta, GA, be sure to consider the team at ProTec Home & Property Inspections, Inc. We make our customers top priority and conduct each home inspection with professionalism and a thorough eye. To schedule your residential inspection or to ask a question, contact our team today at (770) 277-5655, or schedule an inspection online.

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