The Value of a Pool Inspection

If you’re looking to purchase a home in Georgia that includes a water feature, it’s important that you get it inspected along with the rest of the home. A pool is a great feature that often adds value to a home but, if it’s not in good condition, it can quickly become a money pit or a serious safety hazard. At ProTech Home and Property Inspections, Inc., Phil and the entire team knows that your home is likely the most significant investment you’ll make in your lifetime, so we offer a number of additional inspections, including pool/spa inspections, to give you that extra peace of mind.

Pool Inspections

What Is a Pool Inspection?

A pool inspection will determine if the pool complies with local safety regulations. The inspection will look something like this:

  • Walk Around: The inspection will begin with a walk around the pool, looking for any issues with the pool deck, the coping, and the mastic that connects the two.
  • Security Check: Next, the inspector will check safety features. He will make sure the fence is secure and the gates latch properly.
  • Damage Check: The inspector will check the pool liner and foundation for any leaks, cracks, or other damage.
  • Pool Hardware: All drains, lights, handrails, and ladders will be checked to be sure they are properly installed and safely in place.
  • Pool Equipment: Finally, the inspector will check the filters, pumps, heaters, plumbing, timers, and any other electrical components.

Why Is a Pool Inspection Important?

Just like a home inspection, a pool inspection can affect the final sale price of your new home. There are so many issues that can affect a pool. Some will be minor fixes, but significant issues can be very expensive to resolve. A detailed knowledge of the condition of the swimming pool is important to ensure the safety of the pool and the people using it.

Choose ProTech Home and Property Inspections

A pool inspection is well worth the investment so you can be protected from any unwanted surprises down the road. Schedule a pool inspection today, on its own or as an add-on to our basic home inspection. Contact us at (470) 592-8828 during regular business hours or use our online scheduling tool anytime.

About Phil Leblanc

Phil is the founder of ProTech Home & Property Inspections, Inc. and has shifted from doing 500 plus yearly inspections to implementing systems designed to consistently improve the quality service that has made ProTech one of the top building inspection companies in metro Atlanta. Phil’s connection to the building and real estate industries dates back to his early involvement with his family’s real estate and development company in New England.

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