The Value of Radon Testing

When you’re purchasing a home, you can feel like the expenses add up fast. You have to have cash on hand for things like earnest money, the home inspection, and a down payment (to mention a few). Many people opt out of a radon test, trying to save some money and time in the process. However, our team at ProTech Home & Property Inspections, Inc. encourages you to get radon testing. When you find out what radon is, how we test for it, and what it can mean for you and your family, the value speaks for itself.

Radon Testing

What is radon?

Unfortunately, many people don’t even know what radon is, so they don’t take testing seriously. Radon is an odorless, tasteless gas that permeates from the ground. Radon is radioactive but usually goes unnoticed without testing. Due to the radioactive nature of radon, it can cause serious health concerns. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cites radon as the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States.

What does radon testing include?

Phil and the entire team at ProTech take radon testing seriously. While we’re completing your home inspection, we’ll set up a radon detector that will measure radon levels over the course of a couple days. We’ll assess the results, and if the average reading is 4 pCi/L or over, then the radon levels are considered dangerous.

What if high levels of radon are discovered?

The good news is that radon mitigation systems are not uncommon, and most of them are highly effective at reducing radon levels in a home. If our radon testing reveals high radon levels, you and your realtor can discuss your options and determine whether to return to the seller with a remediation request.

Find Out More

Radon testing can help protect you and your family from serious health concerns and financial burdens down the road. Your best bet is to schedule testing now. You may pay a bit more in the home-buying process, but you can have peace of mind moving forward. To find out more about radon testing or about our team at ProTech, contact us today at (770) 277-5655.


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