Why Get a Pool Inspection?

When you started looking for your dream home, was a pool or spa part of that equation? Did you find the perfect kitchen layout, master bedroom, and bonus areas? If you found your perfect home and found out it included a pool or spa, you need to do more than say, “Oh, okay, great!” A pool or spa requires attention from homeowners. When considering buying a used pool or spa, it’s important to make sure it is in good working order before diving in this summer. Phil, Joyce, and the entire team at ProTech Home & Property Inspection Inc encourage you to consider getting a pool or spa inspection before making your home purchase complete.

Pool Inspection

What is a pool inspection?

An inspection will determine if a pool complies with local safety regulations, which vary state to state. In addition, they will examine the wear and tear your pool has withstood, along with an in-depth look at the deterioration to assess the necessity of replacing certain materials. Your inspector will also review the line-up and condition of the equipment that runs your potential new pool. Finally, if the pool has other optional design, comfort, and convenience features and upgrades, the inspection will include a thorough review of them. This type of inspection should help you know whether major issues exist. From there, you can decide if this is indeed your dream home!

How do I schedule a pool inspection?

You can schedule a pool inspection on its own or as an add-on to our basic home inspection. You can make that appointment by phone at (770) 277-5655 during regular business hours. Phil, Joyce, or one of our other team members will set up an appointment that works for you. Or, you can use our online scheduling tool to make your appointment any time day or night. Our team will be in touch.

ProTech is a Georgia-based inspection company that serves homeowners and buyers in and around Atlanta, Alpharetta, Athens, Lawrenceville, and Gainesville. Contact us today to find out more about our pool and spa inspection services.

About Phil Leblanc

Phil is the founder of ProTech Home & Property Inspections, Inc. and has shifted from doing 500 plus yearly inspections to implementing systems designed to consistently improve the quality service that has made ProTech one of the top building inspection companies in metro Atlanta. Phil’s connection to the building and real estate industries dates back to his early involvement with his family’s real estate and development company in New England.

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