Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re about to purchase a home or commercial property in Atlanta, Athens, Lawrenceville, or the surrounding areas of northern Georgia, you likely have questions. ProTech Home & Property Inspections, Inc., is here to help.

Below are several of the most common questions our clients have about home inspections, commercial building inspections, and other specialty inspections. Also, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (470) 264-5860 to ask other specific questions.

What’s the value of getting a home inspection?

As a potential homebuyer, you want to know as much about a house as possible before you sign on the dotted line. Buying a house is likely one of the largest investments you’ll make. Our home inspectors will provide you with a thorough understanding of the condition of the home so you can make a confident decision that benefits you and your family. Knowing about any current problems or upcoming repair costs will help guide your decision.

If you’re trying to sell your home, it can also be helpful to get a home inspection before putting your home on the market. The inspection may reveal problems with your home that you can repair before they dissuade a potential buyer.

A house inspection can even benefit a homeowner who isn’t looking to buy or sell. Our thorough inspections can find minor problems, giving you the chance to fix them before they turn into major (and expensive) crises.

I’m a contractor with years of experience. Can I do my own house inspection?

No, we don’t recommend that anyone besides a qualified home inspector do an inspection. We’ve gone through extensive training on how to conduct an assessment well. During an inspection, we look at thousands of different items and save our clients an average of $7,500 per inspection.

We’ve done home inspections for contractors before, and they’ve agreed that our training enabled us to find things they would have overlooked. How many clients trusted you and paid a service fee for you to educate them on the condition of the most expensive investment of their lives?

A few minor problems have presented themselves since I moved into my new home a couple months ago. Why were these missed during my home inspection?

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that our priority is to identify major issues – the ones that may affect your decision to purchase the home. We are looking for the $2000 problems, and not necessarily the $200 problems. We may note some of these issues as a courtesy, but they are not our primary focus.

Some problems may also only be evident by living in a home. For example, a shower stall that leaks while in use may not leak when the tap is simply turned on and off. To that same effect, a roof or basement may only leak under certain weather conditions. And other issues might not be evident until carpets are lifted, furniture is moved, etc.

Beyond issues that are only evident under certain conditions, others may not present any clues to their existence at all. Our inspections are based on the past and current performance of a home, so it is unfair to assume we should be able to predict future problems that may arise.

My home inspection report showed that I need only a minor roof repair. Why would the roofing contractor tell me I need an entire roof replacement?

The advice you receive from a contractor will sometimes differ from ours. This is the main source of dissatisfaction with home inspections. It should come as no surprise that several roofers may say a whole roof needs replaced, when our professional opinion is that a couple minor repairs will allow it to last a few more years.

I decided to have some minor roof repairs done based on the suggestion of my home inspector. However, the contractors I have contacted seem reluctant to undertake these repairs. Why is that?

We refer to this as the “Last Man in Theory”. This simply means that a contractor might fear to be the last person to work on the roof because if it begins to leak, he could potentially get blamed for it, whether or not the leak is actually his fault. Understandably then, a contractor may decline a small roof repair with high liability, since it would be more profitable and lower-risk to re-roof an entire home.

It is common for people to trust the most recent “expert” advice they receive, even if it contradicts the first. As home inspectors, we often find ourselves in this position of “First Man In”, which can, unfortunately, lessen the effectiveness of our advice.

Do you ever miss problems when inspecting a home?

No one is perfect, and yes, an occasional problem may be missed during a home inspection. A contractor might come in and say, “I can’t believe you had this home inspected and they missed _________.” Oversights, though infrequent, can happen for a variety of reasons.

  1. Conditions during the inspectionHomeowners may not remember that it was snowing, or that the furnace could not be accessed or turned on due to the air conditioner being in use. There is no way for the contractor to know the exact circumstances surrounding the inspection.
  2. Hindsight is 20/20While it’s easy to say the basement has a “moisture problem” when there is an inch of water on the floor, it’s rarely possible to predict such an issue will occur.
  3. Taking a longer, invasive lookSpending an hour under the sink or disassembling a furnace is a great way to unearth certain problems. However, if we did that, our home inspections would no longer be affordable and would last several days. And since our evaluations are visual, we don’t remove fixtures, carpets, or do other invasive tests that could reveal hidden problems.
  4. Generalists vs. SpecialistsAs home inspectors, it is our job to be generalists of the entire house. A roofing contractor, plumber, or flooring specialist may indeed have more in-depth knowledge of their areas of expertise.

Do properties ever fail an inspection?

No, properties never fail an inspection. The goal of our assessments is to inform you of the home’s condition and help you discern if you want the house. A home inspection is completely different than appraisals and municipal inspections.

Should I be present for the property inspection?

Many of our clients are out of state and unable to attend. While your presence isn’t mandatory, we definitely encourage it. We allow all of our clients to walk through the home during the inspection with our inspectors. This gives you the chance at the end of the inspection to ask questions and see any problems or needed repairs firsthand. Our home inspectors can also teach you about the home’s systems, which will give you an even better understanding of how the home functions.

Do I need to hire an inspector or will my real estate agent?

Your real estate agent may recommend a few inspectors, but the client normally chooses and hires an inspection company. When you call us, we work directly for you.

How much will an inspection cost?

Inspection costs vary from company to company. At ProTech, we recommend paying a little more for an experienced, certified home inspector instead of hiring the cheapest one. When it comes to home inspections, you definitely get what you pay for.

In fact, paying a slightly higher inspection fee may save you thousands of dollars in the future. Certified inspectors are trained to find problems that non-certified inspectors won’t see. Since your home is one of the largest investments you’ll ever make, ensure you’ll receive a quality inspection by choosing ProTech.

Call us today for an estimate at (470) 264-5860. We look forward to providing you with affordable, unparalleled services.

What is your Porch 90 Day Guarantee?

If an eligible inspector performs a full home inspection for a client, in compliance with the inspector’s designated standards of practice, and the client finds a deficiency that was required to be inspected and is not in the original home inspection report, then Porch will reimburse the homeowner as described below, up to the cost of the inspection fee ($650 maximum).

An example of when the warranty may apply is if the air conditioner stops working a week after you move in. As long as it wasn’t caused by a pre-existing condition, the warranty company will pay for a repair or a replacement.

Can you explain your 200% Guarantee?

At ProTech, we’re so confident that you’ll be completely satisfied with your home inspection that we offer a 200% Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your inspection, we’ll refund your money and pay for another company with equal credentials to give you a second opinion within the original contract due diligence period.

In order to take advantage of our 200% Guarantee, you must be present at the time of the home inspection and, if dissatisfied, immediately request a refund in writing. Call us at (470) 264-5860 for more details.

How should I prepare my home for an inspection as the seller?

Please view our home preparation video.


I have a friend who recently purchased a home and the dishwasher caught on fire. How can I avoid what happened to my friend?

At ProTech we’ve provided a free service called Home Recall Alerts (an $89 value) with every residential inspection for over five years. During your assessment, our inspectors will record the model numbers for every major appliance in your home. After we’ve finished, we’ll check these numbers against a list of 200 million recalled appliances — many of which were recalled due to fire hazards. If we find a recalled product in your home, we’ll send you information on how to receive a free repair or exchange from the manufacturer.

Our complimentary Home Recall Alerts service is just one of the ways that we go above and beyond to protect you and your family.

What is the Porch Home Assistant?

As a way to say “thank you” for your business, we are excited to let you know that we can provide you with a Home Assistant, free of charge. This service is normally $350 per year and ProTech has partnered with Porch to give this service to you for free forever!

What happens if I have an inspection and do not buy the property?

We’re proud to offer discounted second inspections. If you decide not to purchase a home we inspect, we’ll inspect another one at a discounted price.

When will I receive the inspection report?

In most cases, you’ll receive your custom report on-site at the end of the inspection. While many inspectors give you a few papers with handwritten notes, our professional reports come in a three-ring binder. They include thorough details, a helpful summary page, and digital color photos. We also email the report to you and your real estate agent on the same day.

In addition to your report, we also give any clients who attend the inspection a 75-page owner’s manual with approximately one hundred illustrations. This manual will help you understand and maintain your home.

What if I have questions about the home after my inspection?

At ProTech, we’re dedicated to being your home consultants for life. Whether you have a question a day or a year after your inspection, we’re here to help. You can also see our resources page, which provides helpful maintenance tips and do-it-yourself videos for homeowners.

Keep in mind that a home inspection is designed to better your odds and significantly reduce risk, but not completely eliminate it. A home inspection is not, and should not be considered an insurance policy. An insurance company would have to charge an outrageous fee to offer a policy with no deductible, no limit, and for an indefinite period. Plus, it would not have the added value of the home inspection.

Do you still have questions? Contact us at (470) 264-5860. We look forward to serving you and thank you for your trust.