Specialty Inspection Services

Whether you’re buying or selling, ProTech Home & Property Inspections, Inc. will help you learn about your property’s condition so you can make wise, informed decisions. Our home inspection and commercial property evaluations will provide invaluable details about the property’s overall health. Moreover, our specialty inspections take your assessment to the next level, delivering in-depth reports on specific concerns.

Add one of our specialty inspections to your regular assessment today by contacting us at (470) 264-5860. Located in Braselton, we serve Atlanta; Lawrenceville, GA; Duluth, GA; and the surrounding areas of northern Georgia.

Specialty Inspection Options

Are you concerned that a property may have radon, termites,  mold, improperly operating septic systems, lead paint, or safety defects with the pool or spa? Our specialty inspections will alleviate your fears, providing you with answers to issues that extend beyond the scope of a regular inspection. We offer the following assessments:

  • Mold testing: Some people have serious allergic reactions to mold. Young children, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems are especially susceptible. Our home inspectors can conduct a mold inspection on the site, informing you of any mold growth or infestations.
  • Radon testing: Radon is a radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer, and the EPA estimates that one of every 15 homes in the U.S. contains dangerous levels of radon. We’ll test and measure your radon levels, ensuring your home is a safe place for you and your family.
  • Termite inspections: Every year termites do over $5 billion of property damage in the U.S. alone. Before signing on the dotted line, make sure that your home isn’t part of this statistic. We’ll look for termite damage and any signs of infestation.
  • Pool and spa inspections: Spas and pools are two of the most sought-after amenities on the house market today. Our spa and pool inspections will ensure that everything functions properly and safely.
  • Septic inspections: Of all the problems homeowners have, septic tank problems can be the worst. We’ll help you avoid this costly misfortune by inspecting your septic tank and drainage system.
  • Sewer Scope Inspections: Are you experiencing constant sewer backups or slow drains in your home? It may be time for a sewer scope inspection. Let our team take care of your small sewer issue before it turns into a bigger issue!

Why ProTech?

At ProTech you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. We’re certified and fully insured. Moreover, we exceed the American Society of Home Inspectors’® Standards of Practice. We’ve already conducted thousands of home inspections in Athens, Cumming, Atlanta, and the surrounding areas, and yours could be the next.

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Our services don’t end after you’ve bought an Atlanta property. We’re dedicated to being your home consultants for life. Whether you have a question one day or one year later, our staff is here to support you and bring out the best in your home.

To learn more about us, view our resources and our frequently asked questions. You can also contact us at (470) 264-5860 to schedule an appointment, or to receive a free quote. We thank you for your trust and look forward to serving you.